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Our history with both event production and marketing has given us unique perspective on how one can influence the other. Events don’t just “sell themselves” and most overnight successes are years in the making. We’ve tasted the successes and made the mistakes it takes to draw thousands of people to a great event.

Market and retarget all you want, but engaging your customers and reciprocating their enthusiasm is where you’ll find success, because your customer’s experience is what matters. When your customers care about and relate to your brand, they will be the most valuable marketing tool you have.


The flagship brand that started it all. Mud Factor is a family oriented obstacle and mud run, but it didn’t start out that way! The dynamic market of a new industry has left those unable to adapt, dead in the water. Our flexibility has kept us thriving in an unforgiving market.

We don't mind getting our hands dirty.

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Our Crüe is a diverse collection of business owners and entrepreneurs, artists and creative types, IT geeks and administrative professionals that have found success in building our own brands and companies. Digital marketing is critical for the success of all types of businesses.

#1 Our marketing company isn’t about us; it’s about the brands that we work for and their needs.

#2 When our clients are successful – so are we.

#3 Listen first, talk second.

#4 Believe in the company, believe in the product.

#5 Don’t guess with other people’s money.

#6 Rules are made to be broken; creativity is key in marketing.

#7 Transparency – It’s better to be a real nobody than a fake somebody.

#8 Results aren’t everything, but nothing else matters.

Results aren’t everything, but nothing else matters.



The Eight51 “Crüe” isn’t your traditional marketing team. Our experience and credibility come from trial and error, research and development; not from a formal marketing education. We have learned the hard way about ill fated marketing campaigns, ones that didn’t have the checks and measures in place to recognize when they were off track long before failure. We have also learned that there is no “magic” involved in successful advertising, it’s simply an entire group of driven professionals consistently putting in long hours at the office. Our Crüe is ready to put our experience to work for you and your brand.

We believe in transparency, so do our clients.


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